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Custom Printing

FREE CUSTOM PRINTING for all of our customers!

As a thank you to all of our customers, we are happy to provide FREE custom printing and your logo on all of your publications!  You can have personalized printing about your organization on the back covers of all of your publications (e.g., program name, address, phone, website, funding/grant information, etc).  You can also add your logo if desired.

Custom printing is your choice.


How to add your custom printing

1.  Include your desired text content when ordering your publication or in the notes section at checkout.

2. You only need to enter the information one time and it will be applied to all of your products in your order.

If you want to include your logo

Send your logo artwork (preferably in jpeg) via attachment with any special instructions to

What to expect next

1. You will receive an email confirmation of your order promptly.

2. Look for a draft proof in your email of your customized back page for your approval within 1-2 business days.

3. Once you have approved the draft proof, we'll begin your custom printing and ship to you within 5-7 business days.


TWO ADDITIONAL OPTIONS to further customize your publications 

For our customers who want to add more content to their publications to make them their own.

1.  Customize the interior of your publications with content and pages specific to your organization or policies. Tthe last page(s) of your booklet can be a section specifically about your organization: About XYZ University and our program.

2. Let us develop a publication exclusively for your organization. You provide the content and we print your new publication to your specifications upon approval of draft proof.  Contact us for a quote at


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