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Books:  51%:  Women and the Future of Politics
Books: 51%: Women and the Future of Politics
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Books:  51%:  Women and the Future of Politics
"Pay heed to the underrepresented." --A woman voter from Ohio in the book 51%: Women and the Future of Politics. (Click on image to see back cover and excerpts.)

It is a defining time in our nation--an opportunity to change politics as usual. We are in crisis, perhaps even at a breaking point when it comes to politics. Many Americans are fed up with the negative discourse and partisan gridlock that has become the norm in our government. Anger and fear have overcome compassion and trust. Given the ongoing divisiveness in our nation, women are an asset we can no longer afford to ignore.

WWWD? What will women do?

Women represent 51% of the nation but are greatly underrepresented in our government. How would our nation be different if a group of diverse women were guiding us instead of predominately white men? Does gender really matter? Over 500 women from different backgrounds and political affiliations answered those questions and more. Their candid comments speak volumes.

In this book you will find the collective voices of women from across America calling for change, including:

* Results from our nationwide survey on US politics.

* Exclusive statements from US Congresswomen and other women leaders.

* Reflections from women about US politics, politicians, and what needs to change

* A look at where America stands in comparison to other countries

* Essays written by women voters speaking out about politics in their lives

* Top 10 recommendations to reform US politics.

51%: Women and the Future of Politics is a timely call to action encouraging women and men to stand together to create lasting, positive change in our nation. It is a platform for those who are ready to challenge the status quo.

As one woman stated in the book, "It's time for another revolution." Join us!

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